Starboard (Escape to Cozumel) /// Nero Simon and the Sunsetters

Ready for an adventure? In “Starboard (Escape to Cozumel),” Nero Simon and the Sunsetters cultivate a musical mood that breeds a desire for spontaneous adventure. A piano/percussion-driven, Latin-inspired groove constantly propels this song forward and sets the scene for a compelling story.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Nero Simon and the Sunsetters aim to tell stories through their music, harnessing a classic soft-rock sound for modern times. Lyrically, this song tells a story of a couple on the run from a jealous ex-lover, ultimately fleeing the country to a Caribbean island off the coast of Mexico. “Goodbye city lights/Hello paradise” sings the chorus, emphasizing the characters’ escape from their old life and entrance into the mysterious yet “heavenly” Cozumel to begin anew. The writing here is economical, giving us just enough information to paint a full picture but still leaving plenty to the imagination.

Musically, the band aren’t reinventing the wheel on this track; but when a performance emits such a palpable energy, you don’t have to. The very Santana-esque groove (guitar solo included) helps this song maintain its forward motion, never losing steam. Piano, drums, congas, and guitars work together flawlessly like actors in a play, never stepping on the toes of another. The music instantly transports you to the world in which the story takes place – you can see yourself standing on a small boat in the Gulf of Mexico peering out onto the hazy, sepia-toned horizon. The aforementioned guitar solo tells a story of its own, exploring the uncertainty of our main characters’ future and walking the line between prosperity and hardship as they “roll the dice.”

This song is like watching your favorite show – you become attached to the characters, you get lost in their world, and by the end of the track you’ll be hooked. If this song is indicative of the quality of songs on their upcoming debut album, Treasure Chest, then you ought to keep Nero Simon and the Sunsetters on your radar.

Written by Tim Clark






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