ALARM! /// The Breakdown

“ALARM!”, the latest single by London based alternative rock band, The Breakdown, is hurried and frenzied to the core. Attempt to keep up with its frantic pace at your own risk. Side effects may include vertigo and heart palpitations from a spinning, adrenaline infused melody. 

At the dawn of a new day, lead singer Mike Connell is jarred awake. His auditory senses are screaming from background noises such as a “car alarm,” “ticking clocks” and “singing birds.” Even though the latter is supposed to signal a cheery beginning, they still fill Connell with “dread.” All of these are hints of how this track’s state of mind rests on a hair trigger.

Relentless, crying guitar riffs are the backbone of this tune. Swiftly, they sweep the listener up into the whirlwind melody. Your adrenaline spikes with each shrill, piercing note that makes a shattering appearance.

With a rapid pace, comes the challenge of keeping up with everything that is thrown at you. At times, Connell rattles off a series of lines at a speed that will make your head spin. To attempt to pick up all of what he’s putting down only helps to elevate your own heart rate to a hummingbird’s level. Altogether, it encapsulates this track’s frazzled state of mind.

It is impossible to not be buzzing about while listening to this tune. The general vibe of “ALARM!” will keep you wired. If you are in need of a jolt of energy, substitute this tune for your caffeinated beverage of choice.

Written by Travis Boyer





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