There Was a Time /// Stephanie Seymour

Reminiscing on memories can be a heart wrenching task; we often mourn the loss of our previous life and wish to have it back. Though looking back can be difficult for some, it all depends on the lens that you’re watching a past life back through. Instead of grieving a past life, it can be much more positive to celebrate old experiences and the memories that were made. It’s easy to do this when listening to Stephanie Seymour’s new single, ‘There Was a Time.’

Filled with a surplus of classical rock vibes combined with an alternative/indie aura, Stephanie encapsulates joyful vibes of reminiscing on earlier memories. While combining some off-the-charts vocals with immaculate instrumentals, ‘There Was a Time’ creates an inspirational vibe from beginning to end of the piece. Stephanie speaks to the old times in her life that she loves to come back to, singing, “The world was filled with hope, by every word you spoke, there was a time.”

The buoyant personality on the single shines out a soulful yet motivating essence. The nuances of conventional rock elements make the song feel almost vintage, which comes as no surprise when we learn that Stephanie’s muse for the single came after the passing of Eddie Van Halen. ‘There Was a Time’ serves as a commemoration for Eddie’s life with his past wife Valeria Bertinelli. Stephanie found creativity while remembering their memories and then ‘There Was a Time’ was written.

While speaking on Eddie and Valeria as a reference point for the piece, she stated, “Though I wrote the song with them in mind, the lyrics are universal and relevant to anyone who has fond memories that are brought back by photos, music, or whatever it may be. I wanted to create a celebratory song that people can relate to, especially as there have been such difficult circumstances affecting us all during the last couple of years.”

Working in the music industry for quite some time, Stephanie’s newly released 2022 single ‘There Was a Time’ puts her musical talents on full display. Beginning her career in 1989 as a drummer in the band The Aquanettas, Stephanie has been through a long trek to get to where she is today. From doing esteemed work throughout her career in other differing bands such as Psychic Penguin where she did extensive songwriting to returning back to performance in 2017, her journey has led her to where she is today. We are eager to hear more music and see more projects come from such a respected and honored musical professional.

Written by McKinley Franklin







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