Where is Your Heart /// Vika Tova

The emerging new wave of pop yet electronic music has captivated the music industry in recent years. The modern yet innovative sound that a pop/electronic track can produce can be something so exhilarating. We have been loving tracks that emulate this energy, just like Vika Tova’s hit ‘Where is Your Heart,’ which condenses everything we go through with confusing relationships into one astonishing track.

Beginning with heartfelt notes of the piano, ‘Where is Your Heart’ entices us to explore the emotions that we go through when dealing with toxic relationships. Throughout the track, Vika refers to the feelings she shares for a lover as a sort of addiction, constantly being wrapped up in them, finding it hard to focus on anything else.

These emotions are known all too well in this modern day and age, as we all typically endure a poisonous relationship that we can’t seem to let go of, no matter how hard we may try. ‘Where is Your Heart’ captures this perfectly, often referring to how it’s so tough to get this person off our minds. No matter what we may be doing, they never seem to get off our minds, constantly draining energy.

Though we may know that this sort of toxic situations should come to an end, it’s extremely difficult to cut them off. Vika communicates this crystal clear through this track, wondering what this relationship means and where it’s headed.

Though it’s easy to get accustomed to this cycle of confusion with someone, ‘Where is Your Heart’ doesn’t have to be regarded as such a gloomy piece of work. The electronic, modern vibe that the track gives off uplifts its energy, combined with immaculate piano melodies that shed a positive light upon the entire spirit of the track.

Where is Your Heart,’ too, highlights emotions of love and sexual attraction. Empowering these emotions, too, leads to more questions about the meaning of said relationship, wondering how a lover may feel or perceive the relation as well. All in all, this track depicts everything we endure in modern relationships with an advanced pop flare uncanny to others.

Written by McKinley Franklin







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