You Lost Me /// Tatum Quinn

“You Lost Me” by Montreal artist Tatum Quinn is sure to be a tasty treat for your ears. It’s a musical and lyrical middle finger to those time-wasting ex-lovers, and it hits even harder than expected.

With guitars cranked to 10, this well-crafted hard rock anthem captures that beautiful feeling of finally cutting off that pitiful, toxic ex whom you’ve hung onto for too long. You’ve been pushed to the edge and tried too many times, now you’ve finally gathered up the nerve to finally say how you feel with no hold barred. “My only regret was the terrible waste of time/So the rest of it is mine” sings Quinn, so matter-of-factly. The way she sings at the top of her lungs and the power her voice wields, you can tell this is liberating for her and that energy is mirrored in the music. It’s very reminiscent of Slash (or should I say Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) with a playful opening riff, huge drums, giant power chords in the chorus, and an effortless masterpiece of a guitar solo as the grand finale. Wonderfully arranged and produced, it’s a fantastic track.

With the release of “You Lost Me,” Tatum Quinn has found a sound that seems tailor made for her. She is firing on all cylinders and building momentum still. She is polished, seasoned, and radio-ready as far as this track is considered. Hard rock fans need to keep tabs on Quinn because 2022 could be a huge year for this Canadian rocker.

Written by Tim Clark






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