Champion /// Madyson Lash

The release of Madyson Lash’s track, “Champion”, took place on February 21, 2022. Madyson has been able to provide a message within a track that is able to make this release resonate with audiences in so many ways.

“Champion” is a track that is able to offer a story through the eyes of anyone who is able to overcome struggles in their life as they are finding the strength to not give up on anything that they are able to set forth. With instrumentation that is able to provide a beat that is, in many ways, strong and is able to bring out the power within the track, it is able to share the singer’s message of not being able to give up no matter what.

Born and raised in Pittsfield, Illinois, though currently based in Norfolk, Virginia, Madyson has been able to sing lyrics that are able to reach audiences that could relate to the work she sets forth in the music world. According to, Madyson shares that the track is the highlight of her journey and that this has helped me grow into the person needed for this next chapter of my life, and I want it to inspire those who listen to do the same.”

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspects of the release. This track is strong and original. Madyson has a rich vocal tone and is able to put real feelings into the lyrics with confidence. The lyrics were meaningful and deep with some punchy phrases. The instrument(s) included in the track created a sound that was balanced as it made the release full and powerful. Overall, this track is well-shaped and I think it has the potential to reach the ears of champions all around the world, no matter where they are.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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