Milkshake Sky /// Lisa Curran

Lisa Curran is an artist from Ireland who has been making vulnerable music, open about her autism and other life experiences.  Her new record, “Milkshake Sky” is about an up and down relationship that isn’t restricted to romance as it can be pertained to a friend or family member. Musically, it’s a beautiful piece containing both cinematic and pop elements that we’re certain fans will enjoy.

“Milkshake Sky” begins with an emotive collection of strings, building into a cinematic bed of sound that’s been used in techniques reminiscent of Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, and Thievery Corporation. Curran’s voice has a great throwback quality that was common for featured vocalists of the groups listed above. There’s a sense of confidence and humility in her tone as her voice sits centerstage in the mix of this well produced track. There are a lot of great elements within the track and none of the sounds risk masking each other within the frequency range. It should also be noted that the composition is strongly written, with appropriate layers of guitars and different instruments arriving and departing at well timed sections of the song.

The hook breaks from the slightly dark tint of the song into an optimistic, pop driven melody that is catchy and fun. It feels like you are floating in the sky as Lisa sings about flying into someone’s arms. There’s a nice ascension melodically with all the instruments in the end of the hooks that works well within the context of the lyrics of the song that create the visuals of flying into someone’s arms.

The bridge, before the final hook, has a rhythmic energy as the kick drum hits hard, allowing the strings to also add to the stomping nature of this pre-chorus. Curran sings about being cured and saved by the person being sung to. Ultimately, this is a beautiful record about appreciating someone who helps us escape the dark realities into one of love. The song concludes with the drums cutting out, leaving just percussion along with the beautiful strings, synth piano, pads, and Curran’s background vocals to spread through the mix.

We love this tune and can’t wait to hear what’s next from Lisa Curran.

Written by Jon Kagan






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