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i’m sorry /// Alicia Lov

Throughout the course of our lives, we go through differing phases and changes. It’s natural and normal to elevate oneself and flourish out of who we used to be. This, however, typically comes with some form of heartache. Heartache while mourning the person we used to be, and the people that we outgrow throughout our growing stages. This deep message is portrayed through Alicia Lov’s hit track, “i’m sorry.”

Canadian-based singer/songwriter Alicia Lov builds captivating tracks that tackle intense topics, like the storyline we see on “i’m sorry.” Speaking to the decisions and mistakes that we often make throughout life, she reminisces on a past love story with an ex. She never wanted their story to turn out the way that it did, but she can’t help but evolve and grow as life plays its course.

The soft, contemporary vibe throughout the piece accompanies Alicia Lov’s lyrics seamlessly. “i’m sorry” is an anthem about missing someone that used to be such a substantial part of our life. No matter what we do or where we go, we know that we would love to still have them by our side.

“I know you don’t want me anymore, but I didn’t know that you’d close every single door, if it all ends tomorrow, I wish you were somewhere else…”

Though it can be a lonely process to go through, we know that we can’t hold ourselves back and have to continue on with life. We couldn’t stay the old version of ourselves for much longer, and had to learn to continue on even if this meant outgrowing some of the sincerest people in our lives. Alicia Lov sings out about this confusing process, raving, “I’m not coming home, still can’t let you go…”

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