Out Of Time /// Caxiel

It can be extremely easy to get wrapped up in our own anxieties. Fear, often, can control our lives, holding us back from experiencing events to our fullest potential. It takes a mass amount of work and courage to triumph over this, to truly break the mold and surprise ourselves. This theme is discussed to the highest extent through Caxiel’s smashing track, “Out Of Time.”

Musician, singer, dancer, producer and electronic artist Caxiel previously attended the Berklee College of Music, as well as studied dance at the 1million Dance Studio in South Korea. Originally from Peru, we’re stunned by Caxiel’s profound talents when it comes to their performance capabilities. Well versed in a wide array of fields, we see Caxiel’s gift in terms of music with the track, “Out Of Time.”

Speaking to fears that we experience throughout the duration of this life, Caxiel generates a track that a large audience can relate to. The applicable message of the piece is met with a reminiscent 80s vibe throughout built by the sound production. Twisted with modern pop references, the track builds a captivating and irresistible echo. With a funky vibration throughout, the deep subject matter of the piece is combatted through its rich sound.

Listeners are drawn in immediately as the first beat drops in “Out Of Time.” Caxiel discusses how it can be so scary to obtain success, but even more petrifying to fail along the way. We often get wrapped up in our insecurities, watching time pass us by so quickly. Caxiel’s electrifying track is a reminder to ease up on ourselves, and to enjoy life to its fullest extent while we have it.

Written by McKinley Franklin







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