Too Close /// Sydney Gordon

It’s fully natural to feel attracted to differing people throughout the course of our lives. At times, we want to be so close to this person, to let them in on who we really are. No matter what our desire is, we still seem to pull back and not let them in all the way. Sydney Gordon captures this essence through her track, “Too Close.”

A New York native, Sydney Gordon has been in love with music since before she can remember. Having a profound, phenomenal voice at such a young age, she began singing and taking piano lessons at the mere age of 7 years old. Pursuing singing lessons at the age of 12 years old, Sydney Gordon kept with this passion, eventually turning herself into a writing artist in her high school years.

Creating fascinating pop tracks comes easy to Sydney Gordon, just like with her track “Too Close.” Sydney Gordon’s vocal range captivates the audience instantly, reeling us in to want more. The track speaks to those feelings that we often feel when we want to get close to someone but end up pushing them away. Taking on an electric vibe, “Too Close,” also, showcases an R&B twist blended with a modern pop sound.

The track takes on an intimate sound, with Sydney Gordon often referring to how she could pursue something more with a certain someone. Though, she resists this urge, but still has thoughts and feelings about what that could look like. They claim to be able to handle all that she has, but Sydney Gordon asserts that this can’t be the case; they don’t know exactly what she’s capable of.

She proclaims this with the lyrics, “I want you to know, there’s a part of my body that wants you, but I let you go, when I get too close…”

Written by McKinley Franklin










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