Made in Heaven /// Cartier Grim

With summer quickly approaching, we’ve been on the lookout for a sound that reminisces wonderful summer days. We’re talking tracks that are full of upbeat tempos, with a unique, different sound that what we’ve been hearing as of late. You know, the type of track that truly hypes you up for what’s to come. We’ve found all of this and more through Cartier Grim’s track “Made in Heaven.”

Making his debut back in 2018, Cartier Grim’s main musical inspirations fall to the likes of Future, Kanye West, Drake and Justin Bieber. With so many rap icons as Cartier Grim’s idols, it’s no surprise that his music contains all of their eccentric, hip-hop influences. We see all of this and more through “Made in Heaven,” a track that was released on Cartier Grim’s 20th birthday on April 18.

Truly standing apart from the rest, “Made in Heaven” has a new, fresh sound unlike what we’re heard so far this year. The track blends everything we love about pop and hip-hop tracks with an underlying, overall electronic reference point. “Made in Heaven” itself sounds as though it could be apart of a soundtrack for the hottest new video game.

The track itself sports that quintessential rap vibe that gets your hyped up and ready to tackle the day. “Made in Heaven” motivates us to accomplish everything we’ve been putting off to the side; to truly get things done. This song may not be directly “Made in Heaven,” but it comes pretty close when being produced by Cartier Grim.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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