You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time /// Sky Canyon

We turn to music for so many varying reasons. Maybe for some sort of relief, or to shift a bad mood, or even to gain a new light of inspiration. No matter the reason, I think it’s safe to say we can all agree that music carries a great weight. A power unlike any other, we’ve been digging musical tracks that encompass all the elements of a traditional piece. We find all of this and more through Sky Canyon’s passionate track, “You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time).”

An icon within the world of music, Sky Canyon is a composer, producer and artist renowned for his work in the jazz, rock, classical, Latin and new age musical genres. Specializing in producing music that has such a classical, feel-good look, we’re in love with the way that Sky Canyon is able to transform our moods with his music. This is heighted to the fullest extent through his piece, “You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time).”

The track platforms quintessential elements of jazz music that make for a timeless listening experience. Blending an array of typical jazz noises, “You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time)” puts us in a great mood. You may hear this song when out for a dinner date at the hottest restaurant in town, or when strolling through the streets with your friends… who knows.

“You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time)” takes us for a lovely, enjoyable ride. Protruding such a romantic essence throughout, the track feels intimate yet relaxing. That’s something that we look forward to when listening to music; finding a piece that can evoke various feelings and emotions.

One thing is for sure, when you come across a piece of music made by Sky Canyon, you’ll be urning for more.

Written by McKinley Franklin










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