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Back It Up, Pt. II /// Kevan Dre

We’ve all experienced toxic relationships. From time to time, it can be hard to leave the one person that we love the most, no matter how excruciating that relationship may be. Whether it be the chemistry we share with that person, or the extended period of time we’ve spent with them, we just can’t seem to let them go. Kevan Dre explores this theme of toxic relationships through his track, “Back It Up, Pt. II.”

Originally from Purmerend, close to Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kevan Dre is a 22-year-old rapper, songwriter and producer. Beginning his craft at the age of 18, we see Kevan Dre as a fully-fledged artist that takes inspiration from some of his favorite artists like Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem. His music carries an edge to it, elevating it to a new form, just like in his track, “Back It Up, Pt. II.”

With a heavy rap/hip-hop influence throughout, we love the aura that is created through the impeccable production skills of Kevan Dre. The track, too, showcases a modern R&B flare that we’ve been drawn to lately.

The rap-inspired track speaks to toxic relationships with those that we care for the most. No matter what goes on between the pair, they seem to find their way back together, no matter if they should actually be together or not. They might have done things that they regret and can never take back, but they know they’ll always seem to make their way back to that special someone.

Kevan Dre proclaims, “I’m sorry, but I wanna be with you baby…”

Written by McKinley Franklin





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