If there’s, at least, one undeniable force in this world, it’s change. For better or worse, it’s there to remind you that time waits for no one. “Change,” the latest single from alternative rock project, Firebug, is a simple reminder, in classic rock-blues style, that you can go home again, but it won’t feel the way you remembered it.

After being dazzled by the majestic epic that was “No Return,” this latest track wants you to stay grounded. On “Change,” lead singer Juliette Tworsey and guitarist Jules Shapiro are no longer starry eyed due to a newfound stark realism. While Shapiro provides the template for a waltz down memory lane, Tworsey’s willowy vocals bring the bittersweet nostalgia to life. If it were possible to feel homesick, while being home, Tworsey will conjure up that feeling within you.

“Change” begins and circles back to taking a “walk down my old street.” Taking a stroll to “see what I’d find,” is a treacherous sojourn that reveals that nothing syncs up with the rosy pictures that old memories have painted. Fond memories are densely encased in a sentimentalism that is difficult to crack. However, Tworsey’s defenses are depleted by the insidious, natural force known as “change.”

“What will be, is no more” are the sage words that Tworsey imparts. The fragility of the future is laid out in six words. All of what we know stands on a precipice that overlooks both a fertile valley of prosperity and a barren desert of broken dreams. Having set foot in the latter, Tworsey’s heart wrenching vocal performance captures how desolate the old neighborhood has become.

As far as this track is concerned, “Change” is not something to be feared. It is to be embraced for the elegant display of wistful melodies and vocals that populate this post-sentimental track. Firebug proves that there’s a reason that memory lane only exists on the map of your mind. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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