Misery Loves Company /// Kellan.

In life, we often experience troubling times that can shift the course of our life. Going through events that leave us discouraged and somewhat broken down can seem unbearable. Though, going through these experiences can be alleviated by sharing our thoughts and feelings with those close to us. Someone to vent to, someone to just be there for us in general. This theme is expressed vividly through Kellan.’s track “Misery Loves Company.”

Kellan. hails to us from Seattle, Washington. Specializing in creating rap/hip-hop/pop influenced tracks, you can often find him on the popular platforms of Instagram and TikTok. Kellan. takes to social media to share tips, tricks and special hacks to his beloved followers. As the singular writer, rapper, singer and producer behind his tracks, we’re stunned to hear the incredible production value of each of his pieces.

Recently, Kellan.’s alternative pop track “Misery Loves Company” has caught our attention. Speaking to the story of going through a tough time with a good friend by our side, we can relate to the overall message of the piece. Everyone experiences excruciating periods in life, and often times we find our friends enduring some of these pains, too.

Though the track speaks to a relativity deep topic, the track is combatted through uplifting and inspiring production values. Sporting a super modern and unique flare, “Misery Loves Company” entices us to want to learn more about Kellan. The track showcase underlying techno/electronic vibes that have been all the rave lately.

Continuing with the focus of the piece itself, Kellan. flips the sad narrative of the piece, proclaiming that he can get through anything with the support of those who know him the best. He proclaims out, “I get up, I get down, but I won’t let us drown,” reminding us that we can bounce back from every low point we may endure.

Written by McKinley Franklin




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