Have You Ever /// Anton Commissaris

Anton Commissaris is a composer, pianist, and vocalist from the San Francisco bay-area who is making some awesome jazz music right now. “Have You Ever” is a Latin-infused Jazz chacha tune that meditates on childhood companionship and adult romantic love. With a tasteful big band, latin-lounge backdrop of musical goodness, Anton Commissaris effortlessly delivers a nostalgic, Sinatra-esque vocal performance that is sure to win over fans of its genre.

The latin drums set the song off as horns grace over the percussion smoothly with an authentic timbre that will feel reminiscent to the sound that captured so many fans across the world. The production also achieves giving space to all the frequencies in the sound spectrum, avoiding any masking. The pianos, horns, percussion, and bass that are all present and Anton’s voice is still audible to the ear, which is a nod to the production of the track. 

Lyrically, the song is very visual as Anton paints pictures of love using metaphors of loneliness and togetherness. There is a sense of realism to the song as it balances optimism with the impermanent nature of all things. Musically, the composition also allows itself to breathe with great musical performances. A keyboard solo shines before the last pre-chorus. There are also nice nuggets of variance across the different hooks with how the horns are arranged.

“Have You Ever” is a great summer tune for laid back settings, providing a nurturing and calming atmosphere to both heartbreak and appreciation. With an authentic sound and great musical performances, Anton Commissaris has delivered a great acoustic song that is refreshing in a day of age where digital music has become oversaturated. We look forward to hearing what’s next from the artist from the talented San Franciscan artist.

Written by Jon Kagan





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