Too Close /// GEMÏNY

Gemïny is a pop-soul vocalist from Raleigh, NC who combines a blend of genres with a background in music composition to create his own unique sound. With “Too Close” he offers an upbeat, pop-soul/r&b tune that highlights the conclusion of a toxic relationship.

The track begins with a funky bassline and a soft snare and clap as Gemïny sings about the gaming of relationships before going into a pre-chorus with spacey synth pads, as the clap softly lingers in the background. This build creates an emotive environment before building into the hook where the bass returns with the full beat.

The hook confesses about this other person playing the game until it’s convenient to tell someone you’re getting too close. Gemïny flexes his soulful chops with nice harmonies and layers. Compositionally, the song does a great job from a production standpoint to allow space for Gemïny’s voice to not compete with other sounds, by allowing the instrumental to be minimalistic. The ‘less is more’ approach definitely serves “Too Close” well in its execution. The record is also lean, lasting just under three minutes, never overstaying with any redundancy. The final hook also does a strong job with guitar licks and extra synth strings to give it more variety than the other sections of the song.

The second hook adds a soul clap to the arrangement, which is then followed by stomps, which further add to the For fans of soul-pop and intimate music, Gemïny has you covered with “Too Close.” We look forward to hearing what’s next from the artist from North Carolina. Be sure to check out his socials to stay tuned with his future work. 

Written by Jon Kagan





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