Ghostin’ /// NIGEL HINDS

Nigel Hands is an R&B artist who is making smooth alternative neo-soul music that feels original and fresh. With “Ghostin’”, alongside the help of producer smokingsforcoolpeople, he releases a pop and funky number that blends different genres to create a unique sound.

The production has rendered guitars, trap beats, synthesizers, and vocal sfx that make the song feel like Organized Noise produced a track for old Outkast and D’angelo. There are always new elements coming in and out that keep the song from feeling redundant. Even scratching is heard in the background and at times a Skrillex type modulation may introduce itself while 808s hit underneath. There’s a lot to digest in every section of the song, but Nigel’s voice remains front and center of the mix.

Nigel flexes his vocal chops with great layering, harmonies, and delivering at different octaves.   

Lyrically, the song maintains a fair, honest perspective as Nigel reflects on his personal experiences with ghosting, having been on both ends of the lonely exclusion. What is most refreshing is that the vocal performance is reminiscent of great 90s R&B where artists really sing without autotune. There are traces of Dru Hill in the vocal delivery that make the song feel nostalgic, but the production is also able to keep the song feeling modern although there are retro synths sprinkled throughout the tune.

For fans of innovative and non-formulaic music, we highly suggest checking out Nigel Hinds. “Ghostin’” will delight anyone who appreciates quality singing and talent that is expressed authentically rather than biting modern styles.

Written by Jon Kagan




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