Foe is an Israeli artist who thought of the idea for his new single ‘Diamonds’ while watching a YouTube video regarding music composition. After spending hours attempting a chord progression, and failing, a deeper appreciation for songwriting was formed. This record is an homage to that appreciation and process and the result is a dark wave, synth-pop tune that comes off as authentic and catchy.

Diamonds begins with an 80s synthesized melody as a light percussive rhythm introduces itself. Once the beat hits, you’re fully immersed in the 80s synth-rock sound bed that once captured pop airwaves.

We enter the first verse and the 80s gated, reverberated snare is present as the pulsating rhythmic synth sets a dark, cool tone to the track. Aline Valentina’s voice matches perfectly with the song, sounding like an artist of the era, as her ethereal and gentle voice sits center in the mix, capturing the mid-high frequencies while the rest of the instrumental covers the rest of the sound spectrum.

Another great addition are the electric guitars in the chorus that offer another feel ‘Diamonds’ where it isn’t restricted to just an electronic song but also have non-digital instrumentation. The song concludes with the guitars playing along the main melody as Alina ad-libs vocals, leading to a jammed out conclusion that gives the record a live feel performance. This tune would certainly be a fun live performance with its range in the dynamics.

For fans of 80s synth-rock that has strong energy, ‘Diamonds’ is a well written and produced track by Foe and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from the Israeli artist.

Written by Jon Kagan





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