Didgeridoo /// Bonded Jacky

Bonded Jacky is an LA-based singer-songwriter who is making great acoustic-folk music that is both intimate and fun. Her new single, ‘Didgeridoo’ is a song about losing someone and the different stages of grief that follow the loss. As she says in the tune, “It never stops.” By the end of the song, you’ve felt you’ve experienced a heartfelt tune that is also layered with a sense of hope.

The tune begins with an acoustic guitar and a reverberated harmonica as rhythmic bass plays underneath. There are other washed effects creating an ambiance to the tune. Bonded Jacky’s voice beautifully introduces itself to the song with an innocent timbre. A drum kick then leads to a switch in the song where a full drumbeat enters the song and now we’re in a full groove. There’s a live performance feel to the song as recorded background noise of people enjoying the performance is kept in the mix. This is a nice production choice in both crafting ‘Didgeridoo’s’ overall personality and organic nature.

There’s a nice lyric where Bonded Jacky sings, “I can keep my head in the clouds forever if I knew it’s where you live.” This really captures how we can stay attached to someone from our past no matter how much time has passed since their departure. 

From a songwriting perspective, Bonded Jacky keeps this record lean at under 2:30, allowing the song to feel efficiently interesting without ever sounding redundant. All the sections have their own unique nature which keeps it from ever sounding looped.

There’s no denying that Maijah’s range has truly taken pieces of her influences to form her own original sound. With strong production and songwriting, we look forward to hearing more from the singer-songwriter.

For fans of creative songwriting and a talent that is making vulnerable and accessible music, we highly recommend you check out Bonded Jacky.

Written by Jon Kagan





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