The Window Song /// Sirota

Sirota is an independent singer/songwriter born and raised in South Brooklyn blending eccentric atmospheres with smooth, warm vocals. Her single, “The Window Song” is a perfect summer tune for fans of music that breathes levity and sincerity. Inspired by Rex Orange County, Alicia Keys, and Orion Sun, Sirota has put together an impressive performance with “The Window Song.”

“The Window Song” begins with an electronic, airy and windy instrumental as Sirota flows over soulful vocals as the good feel vibes permeate the track with clean upbeat drums. The staccato vocals augment the rhythmic energy of the tune. There’s a nostalgic energy to the song that feels reminiscent of R&B artists of the past like Joss Stone and India Arie. While the drums have a slight boom-bap beat, Sirota rides it well on the hook, delivering a playful swing to the track.

Within the composition, there’s also great vocal layering with both effected vocals and organic harmonies. The production is clean, allowing all the instruments and tracks within the mix to co-exist without masking frequencies. The songwriting also allows for a melancholy pre-chorus that leads to a more sentimental outro. This presents the juxtaposition for the context of the song that Sirota says is a “tune for crying and vibing on the playground.”

For fans of indie-pop, R&B that puts a smile on your face, “The Window Song” is for you. Sirota is definitely a talent to look out for and we can’t wait to hear what she does next. 

Written by Jon Kagan





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