Head and Heart /// Hawkns

Hawkns are an indie pop rock band making experimental pop songs by blending a classic sound with something that feels fresh. Their new single, “Head and Heart” is about chasing your dreams even when it hurts and comes with sacrifice. The band from Connecticut surely delivers with the fun and inspiring new record.

The song right away gets into its DNA with a passionate vocal performance from Hawkins French. Drums smack in true rock fashion and the guitars are layered both in a delicate and distorted manner, combining aggressive and lush effects on different performances.

“Head and Heart” truly excels in the hook that is both catchy in its vocal delivery and chord progression. There’s a nice 90s rock vibe to the song that makes it feel nostalgic to the years before digital music took over, but it still feels fresh in the overall production with how it’s mixed together. Nothing sounds cluttered and no instruments are drowning out others, making the overall production feel professional.

Compositionally, the band shows great pop sensibilities by structuring the song in a radio friendly formula, each section lean and catchy. The song is only 2:38 and is a perfect bite sized tune for an immediate replay. The band is hitting all the right notes as far as pop deliverable music.

For fans of indie-rock that feels anthemic, Hawkns has released an amazing record that will feel inspirational and fun. We look forward to what the band from New Haven has in store going forward.

Written by Jon Kagan





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