Amsterdam’s My Baby are back with a new dancefloor number titled, ‘Stupid’ that is the most experimental record they’ve put out yet. Produced by 5-time Grammy AWard winner Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, The Prodigy), ‘stupid’ is another evolution in the collective’s sound.

‘Stupid’ right away begins with solid four-on-the-floor groove and pulsating synth bass. Effected vocals ride the beat between different octaves as experimental layering in sound spatially fills out the mix. There’s a two step element to the beat as percussion is added to the instrumental that offers a nice swing to the groove. The group also does a great job with the pitched rendered vocals by making the lyrics still maintain clarity. 

As arp’d synths feed the energy of the track over the industrial influenced sound design, there are also nice moments of bare vocals like towards the end of the track where the lead vocals are shouted, but not pitch impacted, having characteristics of Bjork’s emotive delivery but with a more indie punk vibe. 

The song stands under three minutes, making it easily repeated and deliverable for pop radio. It should be noted how clean the mix is with all the different instruments and elements sitting on top of each other really well. It’s hard for industrial mixes to maintain pop mixes, but the band has achieved this feat with the help of Steve Dub.

‘Stupid’ is a solid record from My Baby and we look forward hearing more innovative music from the crew from Amsterdam.

Written by Jon Kagan





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