There is genuinely no one quite like Birmingham-based vocalist SAER in 2022. From his remarkable vocal range to the magnetic energy his music gives off, SAER creates genre-bending, enthralling soundscapes that deserve to be heard by music lovers around the world. His latest track, “Sorry,” is a journey of a song, having elements of synth and electronic pop, with a nostalgic 80s vibe to it. With the enchanting instrumental, SAER’s beautiful voice creates a unique sound that feels like a mix of synth-pop and an 80s’ love ballad.

“Sorry” begins with a heart-breaking apology to SAER’s loved one, seemingly begging for forgiveness. As he keeps singing the lyrics, “I’m sorry,” in his soft-spoken voice, the melancholic song begins to change. Within the first 30 seconds, the once contemplative track builds up, with both SAER’s voice and instrumental getting louder. As the ever-powerful 80’s inspired pop power ballad instrumental begins to build traction, SAER’s voice never slows down and is the star of the show as he effortlessly switches his vocal range. The emotion in SAER’s voice is felt hard through every listener’s ears, as he knows he lost the one he loves the most. 

Fans of 80s synth-pop and alluring melodies will love the undeniable talent that SAER brings to the table on “Sorry.” The alluring soundscape of synths sounds like it belongs at the beginning of an 80s sci-fi film, which SAER flawlessly executes. The song is released at the peak of 80s nostalgia, with “Stranger Things” season 4 being released and the return of 80s clothing. Jump into nostaglia more with “Sorry”; you won’t regret it!

Photo credits: Alyson Fennel

Written by Melissa Cusano


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