Mocean /// Jack Landess

Photo Courtesy of Trafton Welsh/Aubrey Landess

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Nashville-based singer, Jack Landess, released his track back on the fifteenth day of April 2022 titled “Mocean.” His latest release, “Sun’s Out,” was able to be available for his intended audience to listen to soon after on the twenty-fourth day of June 2022.

“Mocean” was able to start off with the sound of an ocean, the tune playing rather soft before it started to build up, the tune becoming rather surf-like and rich as the vocals were distinctive and warm. As for the instrumentation, it was able to provide an atmospheric accompaniment to make the audience feel as if they are at a beach while the track has been able to progress throughout. 

Speaking of “Mocean,” Jack states that this track takes place in the month of August. He shares that he was able to write this in a matter of a few days. This includes the lyrics of the release as well as the production of it all by himself.  

If you’re wanting to look for a talented artist that is able to bring summer memories and nostalgia, Jack Landess is definitely an artist that you should turn your attention to in terms of having a surf-like vibe to jam out to. “Mocean” seems as if a promise has been fully made when it comes to looking for a tune that is able to bring out the best of summer and the nostalgic feelings that could potentially come with it as audiences are wanting to have a great time with friends and family.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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