story for you /// VALDIS

Photo Courtesy of Valdís Valbjörnsdóttir

Iceland-based singer/songwriter, VALDIS, released her latest track titled “story for you” on the fifteenth of July 2022. This track was able to follow a previous single that she was able to release on the fourth of February 2022 titled “Onto You.”

“Story for you” starts off melodic, VALDIS providing vocals that are warm and heartfelt with every word that has been sung. The instrumentation, however, was rather smooth and compelling with each and every single note being played throughout on the piano as the track continued to progress. As soon as the track starts, listeners are able to hear lyrics that are meaningful, giving the audience to hear a powerful story that has yet to be heard anywhere and everywhere.

Speaking of “story for you,” it has been stated that this track is about missing an older version of yourself as well as reminiscing about the past, feeling the nostalgia that came with it.

VALDIS is definitely an artist that you should turn your attention to if you’re looking for an artist that is able to continue to bring forth creativity and originality to the world, enjoying every single moment of writing tracks that are waiting to touch the hearts and lives of the audience around them. “Story for you” seems as if a promise has been made when it comes to nostalgic feelings and reflecting on past events that make someone take a trip down memory lane without a problem or care in the world, looking back on what had gone on during that time.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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