Take A Stand /// Jaded Jane

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Jaded Jane, a platform created by Gothenburg-based brothers Axel Jane and Adam Olsson, released their latest track titled “Take A Stand” on September 9th. This tune was able to follow the footsteps of their 2021 single called “Planet Revolution.”

Featuring Erik Bodin, one of the four members of the electronic music band that is also from Gothenburg called Little Dragon and mixed by Roberto Laghi, a producer who is based in Gothenburg as well, “Take A Stand” was able to have an atmospheric introduction with a tune that is full, rich, and balanced. With warm and expressive vocals that are able to compliment the track, the bass (played by Adam Olsson), the guitar (played by Jerry Sillah), and any other instrument involved have been used to pave the way for what this track has been able to offer. As the track continues to progress, the audience has been given a deep look into what the word “importance” is truly about.

Speaking of “Take A Stand,” it has been noted that the lyrics this single has been able to provide “speaks of taking a stand for what you feel is an important cause, rather than accepting injustices, being okay with something that interferes with your right to be who you want to be.”

If you’re looking for a group that is willing to put forth the true meaning of importance and are able to give you a glimpse into a world where it is okay to be who you are, then Jaded Jane is your go-to music group. “Take A Stand” seems like a real promise as they have been able to provide meaningful lyrics that make their audience want to take a stand for what they truly believe in

Written by Sherryl Citera





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