Room On My Cloud /// Indigo Daydream

Many love songs are made from the lofty expectations for finding “the one.” It perpetuates a fantastical scenario where you are predestined to meet your true love. Even if you don’t believe in soulmates, allow yourself to entertain a smidge of mysticism when you listen to “Room On My Cloud,” the latest single by dream pop artist Indigo Daydream. Ambitiously head in the clouds, this song is not hopelessly romantic, but, in true Indigo Daydream fashion, challenges you to think critically about something as abstract and subjective as what we call love.

Described by Nick Cheshire, otherwise known as Indigo Daydream, as about the “chance meeting that changed two people forever,” “Room On My Cloud” subsists on an ethereal, melodic plane that will lift anyone’s mood. Even the most curmudgeonly among us wouldn’t be able to ward off its powers of persuasion. There’s a soothing, harmonious hum that stands out as what can be described as the universal sound for peace. While we receive daily static interference from whatever or whomever is disrupting our calm, this tone seeks to replace those irritants with relaxants.

Simply put, “Room On My Cloud” is about taking a pause to focus on what’s immediately in front of you. Too often, we’re hung up on the macro and don’t pay attention to what needs tending to inside of our own personal circle. As Cheshire puts it, “we could slow the world down” to make time for what’s important. While committing to “finding room on my cloud,” a whispery elegant delivery of “for you” drifts off into the ether. While these vocals have a feathery touch, their meaning is anything but subtle.

“Room On My Cloud” doesn’t have to shout from the rooftops about finding true love. Instead, it relies on a natural intuition to recognize the real deal without any frills attached. Again, Indigo Daydream displays a mastery of manipulating the atmosphere to give your mind free reign to roam.     

Written by Travis Boyer





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