Honeycomb Hotel /// Luke Frees

When life’s got you down and have nowhere left to turn, it would be amazing to be able to check out for a while. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t quite work out that way. However, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Luke Frees imagines a place where the desperately down and out can unwind and let loose on his latest single, “Honeycomb Hotel.” It’s a jaunty, rollicking theme song advertising a home for the weary, wandering traveler.

“Honeycomb Hotel” is the old standard of this establishment’s house band, riffing and tumbling along to the beat led by Frees. It’s about the freedom to play loud and proud, chasing the blues away in the process. Well after midnight, this rundown, ramshackled old haunt comes to life with a raucous energy that reverberates clear through its tissue thin walls, sending every canine in a five mile radius into a tizzy. 

In imagining the finer details of the Honeycomb Hotel, the sign above reception should read: “Welcome to the lonely, the wayward and all of you disheveled messes.” As told by Frees, it’s a place where you can go when you can’t or won’t go home. More importantly, it’s a safe space where you can clear or get out of your own head for a while. Whether you choose to talk it out or clam up, it’s about removing yourself from what’s brought you there in the first place.

“Honeycomb Hotel” is an entertaining thought experiment about what if there was a place for everyone. As a whole, this track emanates an all or nothing style of inclusivity. Not to mention, Frees takes to the front as the merry bandleader, directing an audience of misfits to put all their worries away.

Written by Travis Boyer






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