Wasteland /// Jane N’ The Jungle

Photo by Jim Louvau

When a relationship is dying, it’s as if your entire world is crumbling down, bit by bit, all around you. What you thought was a sturdy, bedrock foundation of love is reduced to dust and is scattered by the winds of change. You want to hold one last stand, but your partner would rather wave up the white flag and stew in the rubble. “Wasteland,” the new single by Phoenix-based, alt-rock band Jane N’ The Jungle, is an empowering, hard rock anthem asking for a show of resistance against the oncoming end.

At its core, “Wasteland” is a type of melodic metal that is purposeful in how it strikes you. It has a rhythmic ebb and flow that rallies to meet the moment such as each chorus or vocal run by lead singer Jordan White. Overall, it’s not at maximum, blow out your speakers level of intensity, but it is certifiably incendiary by how it is wired to explode with each timely riff. 

During the intro, as well as, the conclusion of this track, there are the faint whispers of a sandstorm rushing across an arid landscape. In fact, the official music video for “Wasteland” depicts the trio caught up in an amber blizzard of particulates. These visuals and the audio of an unsettling breeze reinforce the idea of being stranded in a post-apocalyptic dust bowl. 

Similarly, “Wasteland” is about brushing yourself off, but then finding your bearings and resolving to put your foot down. However, after everything has cleared out, you still can’t see any way forward with someone who only wants to weigh you down with their hang ups. White’s searing vocals are the counter to dealing with a defeatist brand of stubbornness.

Altogether, “Wasteland” is a powerful proclamation that enough is enough. It’s about approaching that wit’s end, pushing through it and finding a stronger will on the other side. Jane N’ The Jungle has been through the fire and rises from the ashes more determined than ever.

Written by Travis Boyer






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