shutmedown. /// thankmelater.

Photo By: TJ Foster

Ideally, a new beginning is a fresh chapter ready to be written. However, sometimes, the old narrative never ends, holding you back from starting anew. Nashville alt-rock duo, thankmelater., finds a fresh start to be elusive on their existential, heavy hitting debut single, “shutmedown.”

Composed of two members from the hard rock outfit, Eighty Six Press, singer Eric Vattima and guitarist Jacob Redding begin their new era as thankmelater. by asking “how do I begin to solve a problem, if I can’t even start to help myself?” From then on, it’s about how self-doubt slowly sends you spiraling back into old, dire thought patterns. However, it’s also a song about needing help to dig yourself out of the rut you’ve created. In the end, it’s about fighting against yourself while attempting to get back on track. 

Furthering the chaotic, introspective slant of this track, the entire melody of “shutmedown.” ranges from moody, edgy and manic. Beginning with slow, downcast beats, this track moves on to heavier riffs to accentuate its internal rage. Then, heralded in by a searing vocal blitz, a hurried, pummeling breakdown appears out of the blue to turn an already temperamental soundscape upside down. Finally, almost as a palate cleanser, it gives way to a sharp, acoustic set before a whirling finale closes out this dynamic, melodic composition.

For Vattima and Redding, it is a very sound new beginning for them as thankmelater. On “shutmedown.,” the pair taps into a raw energy that’s supplied by being in a perpetual state of desperation. Altogether, this unquiet condition makes for one loud and tumultuous noise.      

Written by Travis Boyer





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