Join The Circus /// Cigarettes for Breakfast

In some old-timey cartoons, being inebriated to the point of hallucination was fancifully portrayed by the rosy glow of a pink elephant prancing along a drunk’s periphery. Not only is it representative of losing your wits while under the influence, it is about seeking camaraderie in the form of a bottle. Philly alt-rock trio Cigarettes for Breakfast wants to chase away their miserable state of sobriety on their new single, “Join The Circus.” On this lead single from their forthcoming album, also titled “Join The Circus,” the band alternates between the sluggish haze of dreamy beats and the whiplash of hammering jams as they fall off the wagon.

“Join The Circus” starts out in a stupor, but not the kind you may be thinking of. As shimmering echoes of reverb ring out, it coincides with how the track opens on reaching the end of your rope and looking for the nearest escape. Which, in this case, can be found in the nearest bottle. Right around the bend, bouts of crunchy riffs break the ethereal splendor as control slips away.  

Altogether, “Join The Circus” is about chasing a feeling or a buzz to fill a void. In this case, it’s the mythical “pink elephant,” the imaginary friend who shows up for you when your real ones are missing. When everyone else is gone, this fictional pachyderm manifests itself, one drink at a time. As a companion to this track, the official music video features none other than a man in a pink elephant costume joining the party. 

Equal parts trippy and raucous, “Join The Circus” is a roller coaster ride conducted by Cigarettes for Breakfast. Once you think you’re in the clear, it plummets back down into the pit it had just crawled out from. It will put you in a daze, but rudely awaken you at a moment’s notice.

Written by Travis Boyer






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