Contagious /// Amber T

East Grinstead-based artist, Amber T, released her latest track called “Contagious” on May 2nd. This fantastic tune was able to follow in the footsteps of her 2022 single called “Ripped Jeans.” 

Teaming up with Grammy and Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter and producer, Rob Davis, “Contagious” was able to have a rhythmic introduction with an accompaniment that is exciting and creative. With expressive vocals from Amber herself, the sounds of all instruments involved, especially the drums and bass, were able to make the track rich and full. As the track continues to progress throughout, Amber T is able to give her intended audience something to get up and dance to.

Inspired by bands like the 1975 and artists like Frank Ocean, it has been shared that Amber “has developed her own style with her unique vocal tone which transcends genres, it can be soulful, gritty, lush and powerful.”

If you’re looking for an artist who is able to continue to show the true meaning of nostalgia while having a vibe where everyone can have a great time just listening to it without having a care in the world, then Amber T is your go-to artist. “Contagious” seems like a real promise as the track is able to offer listeners the opportunity to feel nostalgic and have a look into the past with its original lyrics. While the performance quality of “Contagious” was high throughout, this track was rather well-shaped overall and it has the potential to reach all audiences, new and current, while Amber continues to shine and share her amazing talent with the rest of the world.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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