sincerely, yours /// Nasha

The difference between being in love and being loved is reciprocation. Or else, you’re wasting your emotional energy on a lost cause incapable of providing what you need. On her new EP, “sincerely, yours,” San Francisco-based indie pop artist Nasha compares and contrasts between two different scenarios of wanting to be loved, but neither returns her affection, in kind.

Filtered through a hazy, dream pop lens, “thought it’d be you” is about tiring yourself out through vain attempts to appeal to someone who isn’t emotionally available. It’s the tale of contending with their ever-changing moods and coinciding stubbornness that ends up clouding up your vision of who they are. In spite of it all, there’s an overwhelming need to crack this elusive figure’s emotional code, leading you to crawl back to them over and over again. 

On the flip side, “robbie’s song” is populated by echoing acoustics and layered vocals that end up composing its rainy day reflection style. As opposed to the toxic relationship of the first song, this rendition is based on still holding a torch for a long lost, old flame. Conjured by the mere thought of someone, vivid flashes of fond memories are brought to the forefront of your mind. It’s about the sudden rush when you are awakened from a dream, unleashing floodgates of the real world in waves of ennui about what once was and wonders if this particular love will ever return.

The split screen nature of “sincerely, yours” presents two different, but equally compelling studies of emotional entanglement. On one hand, Nasha makes you want to tell her to cut the cord with the unreliable partner. On the other hand, she makes you want to believe in love again, even in a fleeting glimmer of a dream.

Written by Travis Boyer





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