Eraser /// Cold Equations

When you have reached the crossroads of a relationship, you can either choose a new path or continue on the road to emotional ruin. Either way, a mutual decision can be difficult to come by. In advance of Nashville indie rock trio Cold Equations’ upcoming album, their new single, “Eraser,” juxtaposes aspiring for a new beginning against someone who conspires to eliminate any trace of your shared existence. Fronted by Drew Kohl, “Eraser” unleashes a wiry, introspective mood accented by an emphatic flash of fiery alt-rock angst.

“Eraser” exists in the pensive state of mind that arises from reaching the proverbial fork in the road. Aside from the eruptions of roaring reverb that appear mid-to-late track, the majority resides in a contemplative space crafted by deliberative chords and the cautious, pitter pattering of drums. Altogether, it’s about taking a pause to assess the lay of the land before you decide which way to turn. 

In the grand scheme, “Eraser” wants to chart a new approach for a relationship, but they end up in a worse spot than they were before. It’s a tale of one partner’s resolve to reboot their relationship versus the other half’s designs of clearing their shared history. However, there’s no easy reset nor deep cleaning possible to complete their objectives. 

With “Eraser,” Cold Equations hits all of the hallmarks of the dying days of a relationship. One person wants to start over, while the other is more than happy to forget they were ever together. However, what remains is a song that encapsulates the gulf between renewal and decimation.

Written by Travis Boyer






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