Rebound /// President Elect

Photo By: Duda Albonico

In the history of breakups, an amicable parting of the ways seldom ever occurs. Sometimes, deflecting with defiance is the only way to get by. On their debut single, “Rebound,” London alt-rock band President Elect put on a brave face, but aren’t completely over who they left. In the quintessential emo style surrounding a fiery breakup, this track is dead set on burning bridges, but wistfully looks back, asking, ‘why is this happening to me again?’

Straight out of the chute, “Rebound” introduces itself with an opening set of ragged, junkyard dog chords. It’s a prelude to the main act of incendiary riffs and volatile drums that complete this angsty inferno. Altogether, it’s a swift, aggressive brand of visceral emo that burns white hot in its fury against how they were dumped. 

While peeling back the layers of “Rebound,” it begins with framing a breakup in a dismissive light of ‘fine, I never liked you that much, any way’ after being shut out. However, digging deeper, it’s about the need to find your happiness in other people, but discovering that’s not always where it’s at. In turn, it dawns upon the realization of needing to work on yourself before you jump back into a relationship. Altogether, it unravels from casually throwing around the “rebound” label to picking up your pieces when reality smashes your heart into smithereens.

Of the many jilted forms available, President Elect becomes enveloped in the red mist of anger, but dips into the gray haze of regret. “Rebound” is about the emotional disarray of being dumped, journeying from general disdain to light introspection. Altogether, President Elect wears their heart on their collective sleeve, but in contrasting shades of crimson consolation.

Written by Travis Boyer






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