Trashy /// Caleb Caming & The Heat

Keeping with their established garage rock roots, Caleb Caming and The Heat have returned with another gritty rock single, “Trashy.” This tune is a hyper, adrenaline fueled sprint. As opposed to the claustrophobic style of “You’ve Got Me (In Agony),” this follow-up has free reign to roam. As a result, a higher gear is achieved, resulting in a collective blitz of guitar and drums.

Still, there remains the same essence of down and dirty rock. An unruly, frenetic pace is unleashed on this tune. Unyielding drums and a resonating bass match up for a lightning quick melody. All of this alone is enough to get the blood pumping, your feet tapping and induce whatever spasms you may call dancing. 

Leaping out from the gutter, this tune has a distinct, in your face attitude. Lead singer Caleb Caming’s vocals jump right out of the sonic swamp, matching its rage and intensity. In a recurring fit of defiance, he yells out “I’m trashy,” accepting the grimy adjective with a cool ease.

As if this song was not fast enough, a torrent of guitar riffs are unleashed around two-thirds of the way through. If it’s even possible, this spurt appears to outpace the main melody. This is the cherry on top of the garage rock sundae.

It would be easy for a song of this ilk to go full snot nosed punk. However, “Trashy” toes the line between DIY garage rock and punk. It consists of enough pure attitude to go around without becoming a caricature of itself. 

Written by Travis Boyer






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