Hoping For The Best /// Soda Cracker Jesus

The last time we met singer-songwriter Regan Lane, a.k.a. Soda Cracker Jesus, he gave us “Kaleidoscope,” a spiraling, immersive experience that centered on time healing all wounds. With his latest single, “Hoping For The Best,” Lane is crossing his fingers that things will turn out alright in the end. With a series of experimental swings and a powerful, driving baseline melody, this tune has pushed all of its chips to the center and gambles on hope.

At its core, “Hoping For The Best” has a harder edge, but does not lose that psychedelic essence. A jagged guitar and marching drum beat meets up with a series of wondrous, spellbinding effects to form a weighty, yet imaginative tune. In addition, Lane’s feathery vocals feel right at home with the freefalling, downtempo moments. Altogether, it is a stark transition from the easy going psych of “Kaleidoscope” to the restless manner of this tune.

At times, Lane is deeply lost in thought. After pondering about losing his sanity, he wonders “if I find a dream to share, will everyone be kind?” Speaking to an inherent cynicism of a closed minded lot, Lane weighs out whether he can share visions of hope with a pessimistic public. In the end, he is, as the chorus goes, “hoping for the best.”

On two occasions, sound manipulation becomes an effective storytelling element. Producing a hallucinogenic sensation, Lane’s vocals drift off into a shallow, trippy vortex as he sings “Doctor says just take the pill, you won’t feel so small.” In turn, an echoing void is replicated as Lane recounts a “dream” that he “disappeared in outer space.” His vocals disintegrate with each passing “fade away.” Altogether, these effects elevate the song from plain sounds that hit your eardrums to living, breathing sonics that engage the imagination center of your brain.

Much like “Kaleidoscope,” “Hoping For The Best” engages you in ways that a typical rock song wouldn’t. It is not another series of riffs and catchy hooks that you would mindlessly consume. “Hoping For The Best” is on another plain of rock that demands attention to each nuance it puts forth. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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