Ever since the mid-1980s, electronic dance music, abbreviated as EDM, had audiences move the beats and rhythms of each beat played. However, there are musical talents out there who continue to keep genres such as this one alive for many other generations who continue to listen to this music style. This goes for artists like Tazmin. Her release, “Regret You,” is a track that has lyrical content surrounding the importance of how amazing the track is.

The UK-based singer delivers a fun but upbeat piece with “Regret You.” With music inspired by artists like Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, and Jessie J, Tazmin is able to provide music that could make her audiences feel like they could dance their hearts out. 

The instruments that were included in this release matched very well as they were heard throughout the track. The instrumentation of the track, however, would pair beautifully with going somewhere fun with friends for a night and just letting loose. This track can also go for just having a good time overall, not worrying about reasonable care in the world as the track has a rather funky but original vibe to dance along with without no issues and problems whatsoever.

Again, “Regret You” is a track released from Tazmin in late March of 2022, and was able to come after her track, “What if?”, in 2021. Those wanting to have a great time and dance to such an outstanding beat should check out Tazmin because there is no doubt of hope in sight.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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