Take My Dreams Away /// ear candy

We all know that one person who just can’t seem to be happy for us when something good happens in our lives. You know them, that person that seems to always have something negative and critical to say. We’re shooing those people off our shoulders this season with ear candy’s brand-new alt-pop track, “Take My Dreams Away.”

Created by producer/singer/songwriter Jamie Jordan, eye candy comes to us with their second single to date, “Take My Dreams Away.” With inspirations points from Dayglow and Panic! At The Disco, eye candy draws fans in with enticing indie pop influences with an alternative spin.

Through their single “Take My Dreams Away,” listeners are reeled in from the beginning of the track with upbeat, soft and almost dreamy sounding melodies. The track sounds as if it would land upon the soundtrack of a late 90’s/ early 00’s movie; it’s just that good. Dynamic and changing instrumentals from the guitar and drums compliment the incredible vocals showcased by eye candy.

Though the song has an uplifting essence to it, “Take My Dreams Away” ultimately deals with the topic of someone trying to knock us down. It’s so easy to be a nice, kind person, but people still find ways to be nasty and demeaning. This person seems to find pleasure is crushing other people’s dreams, in knocking us down a peg or two.

Nevertheless, eye candy pronounces that we’re not going to stand for this kind of mistreatment, we must stand up for ourselves. Regarding the message, eye candy stated, “there is always that person who is always there to suck away all of your hopes and dreams and think they know what’s best. this one goes out to them and how we don’t need their approval to achieve our ambitions.”

Finding light in the face of adversity is one of life’s greatest challenges, but this track aids in that process. With such an uplifting and vibey aura created throughout, “Take My Dreams Away” will restore your faith in chasing your wildest dreams when faced with hardship. Never feed into those haters and go after your aspirations no matter what anyone else may think.

Written by McKinley Franklin







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