Say It Anyway /// Bealby Point

Whether it be fate, magnetism or just dumb luck, there is some sort of force that brings two people together. However, even after a relationship ends, your former significant other may never fully leave you. They may be gone, but, for better or worse, their residual energies remain. And so, you are left to ghostbust their spectral funk from your being. “Say It Anyway,” the latest single by indie rock band Bealby Point, attempts to shed the lingering effects of a relationship with an emotional exorcism.

The Vancouver, Canada-based group sets the stage with a contemplative and, at times, moody melody. At first, it is very unassuming with a series of tiptoeing guitar, bass and drums. Further along, the pace quickens and amplifies the frustrating process of shaking off the toxic remnants of a defunct partnership. Mind you, it’s not a rip your hair out, scream into a pillow kind of catharsis, but it still hits the right notes of someone who is in the midst of purging all of what has weighed them down.

“Memories I keep of you,” lead singer Jack Armstrong opens, “like gum stuck to my shoe.” Speaking to the clingy nature of memory, he captures how indelible experiences become to one’s self. Further on, he sings about how “everyone’s looking for the one cuz they have to,” speaking to the natural inclination to find your other half in a quest to become whole. However, as with any journey, there are pitfalls. Instead of finding a happily ever after, we are left with a resentful Armstrong, whose final retort is “you don’t have anything nice to say, say it anyway.”

Instead of moping about, Bealby Point cleanse themselves of what has mucked up their hearts. “Say It Anyway” is not a sad sack tale full of woe is me-isms. Instead, it is confident in itself while it takes the gloves off against emotional tumult. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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