I’ll Be The Winter /// Clara Pople

Cumbrian-based artist, Clara Pople, released her latest track titled “I’ll Be The Winter” on December 14th. This fantastic tune was able to follow the footsteps of her first-ever single called “It’s The Girl.”

“I’ll Be The Winter” had a smooth introduction with a rhythmic and compelling accompaniment. With strong and impressive vocals from Clara herself, the instruments used in the track were able to pave the way for what it had to offer to the music world, even for those listening to this song for the very first time. As the track continues to progress, Clara has been able to give her intended audience a glimpse into what this track is all about with its meaningful lyrics.

Speaking of “I’ll Be The Winter,” it has been shared that this release is all about “the beauty of relationships.” It also has been stated that this is about “their ephemerality – much like

vanishing nature of the seasons.”

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to share a message that is rather powerful and raw in its own way, then Clara Pople is your go-to artist. “I’ll Be The Winter” seems like a real promise as this track is able to provide lyrics that share just what the beauty of relationships hold for each person listening and how those relationships are able to unfold in front of their very eyes as that relationship continues to progress in many ways, especially if strength is able to play such an important role in those relationships.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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