A Soviet Mistake /// The Tracys

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a weird world. Sometimes, you just have to laugh in the face of absurdity. Thankfully, punk rockers The Tracys have re-emerged from their five year hiatus to remind us of the bizarre comedy in which we live with their satirical single, “A Soviet Mistake.”

With the amount of projectile headlines that are fired upon us each day, it’s easy for stories to fall through the cracks in our memories. You may have forgotten the 2018 story of Maria Butina, a Russian agent, who wormed her way into the National Rifle Association as part of a plot to spread Russian influence within the organization in advance of the 2016 Presidential election. What would have likely been rejected as a subplot for a Bond sequel forms the basis for “A Soviet Mistake.” 

Described as a “Ramones style love song” by lead singer Dave Klym, “A Soviet Mistake” is a sarcastically lovelorn, punk ballad about losing someone who was never interested in you at all. The official music video portrays the song from a sad sack’s point of view, which is transmitted via the grainy analog security camera system in their dank basement of broken dreams. It really plays upon the whole gullible dud vibe of someone who really believed it was all true love, but it was all a ruse played on this poor rube. 

Melodically, “A Soviet Mistake” is as straightforward, garage punk as there is. Essentially, it mixes in a smidge of playful riffs and a dash of heady drums and calls it a day. But, it is all that’s necessary to keep this cutting bit of sarcasm alive and well.

On “A Soviet Mistake,” The Tracys take a satirical jab at an attempt by our Russian adversary to hijack the conservative wing of the American political system. However, if you’ve been paying attention, these types of efforts have been sorely lacking in clandestine trade craft. Politics aside, “A Soviet Mistake” finds its humor in on how easily some can be swayed by just a pretty face.

Written by Travis Boyer





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