A Beautiful Mess /// Red Skies Mourning

“A Beautiful Mess” is a new song by artist Red Skies Mourning. This pop track has soaring vocals and strings, with catchy melodies. Red Skies Mourning is a one man show, and his name is Chris Aleshire. His career has covered numerous genres, which makes his current sound all that more intriguing. The guitar accompaniment fits the track well, and the drum track does its role. 

“You show me where my weakness is, I’m falling for a broken soul,” he sings to conclude the chorus. This song touches on reflecting on your mistakes, and moving forward with that power of a connection with someone. 

He sings his heartfelt track to open up and to see what comes next. “Got me running faster than I ever and that’s the truth, looking at you like the Sun, it’s like I’m bad with moon. I’m gonna love you like I love you cause the future prove,” he sings during the verse. He has hope because of his love, but like he said previously, that weakness is still present. This song is about overcoming that weakness that we all have. 

Chris Aleshire originally found is home playing with metal bands, and later transitioned to the tender and raw sound you hear now on “A Beautiful Mess.” He still holds his rock roots close, and keeps expanding and opening up his sound to more ideas and possibilities. His artistic development is a testament to his talent and continued pursuit of new art and ideas.

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