One Life (feat. Quesmark) /// Brendan Lane

“One Life (feat. Quesmark)” is the new song by artist Brendan Lane. His songwriting is on full display on this track, merging Funk with Hip-Hop/Rap to make a chill jam track that leaves the listener with hope, as well as energy. Quesmark fills his role as a guest rapper well, adding his own perspective on life’s trials. 

Lane has made a name for himself as a guitar player and vocalist, as well as his contributions with harmonica. There is no harmonica on “One Life”, but the live instrumentation that is present on this track elevates the enjoyment level. Quesmark has some very introspective lines during his verse, “It’s not in me, it is me. Evidently it’s been this way for centuries,” he raps. Here he is contemplating fame, and what it means to be successful. He later compares it to being a prisoner, seemingly holding him back from moving forward. 

This song offers a warning for people to use their time wisely, and as a reminder that we all make our own choices. “Listen my friend don’t take a date, stay true to you and run your race. When it comes down to the end of the day, you got one life it’s yours to waste,” Lane sings during the chorus. 

One life has a great message and offers insight to the struggles we all deal with. The guitar and vocal performances on “One Life” highlight the talent that these artists have, and it is well crafted and structured as well. The organ also adds an extra element to this song that fits well for the style they are aiming for. Brendan Lane will debut “One Life” live at a show in Washington D.C., on April 29th at The Public Option.

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