Not Up To Much /// Spearside

When someone is said to have “gone down the rabbit hole,” it can either mean they are desperately lost or in search of something extraordinary. Irish rock trio, Spearside, definitely took a deep melodic dive into this mythical burrow with their latest single, “Not Up To Much.” A garage rock meets psych-pop hybrid, this track pushes beyond that of three guys jamming in the studio in favor of grand experimentation.

If you listen to this track all by itself, you may not get the full effect of what Spearside is striving for. Case in point, the official music video is the prime example of how the band completely leaned into the psychedelic angle. So much so, that it was necessary to warn viewers about the potential for seizures if they suffer from “photosensitive epilepsy.” Full of kaleidoscoping, far out animation, it is the perfect visual representation for “Not Up To Much.”  

Basically, “Not Up To Much” is guided by a driving and somewhat frayed guitar with a side of psych-pop after effects. On its own, it’s gritty enough to be a straight ahead rock song, but has an extra sensory flair attached to it. Whenever it does decide to take a trip down the psych path, it returns with hit after hit of bold guitar and bass riffs to balance everything out.

Altogether, Spearside chose the daring path forward when creating “Not Up To Much.” It could have easily been another hard hitting, no holds barred garage style jam. But, thankfully, Spearside wanted to step outside of the box. As a result, the trio came up with a successful formula for blending together the raucous with the fanciful. 


Written by Travis Boyer






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