Roll The Dice /// Lucas Burn

“Roll The Dice” is a new single by Polish rapper Lucas Burn. His raw emotion is evident on this track, delivering sincere lyrics about playing the game of life to your advantage. The beat delivers great dynamics during the two minute and 48 second cut. 

The song opens with strings, and they continue once Burn starts rapping and the beat comes in. He mentions some of his influences in the rap community, including Eminem. He raps two verses and repeats the hook and the end of each verse. “Getting your music out there is so hard, you gotta stand out. You fail so many times but you don’t give up cause you believe it so much,” he raps to conclude the first verse. Lucas Burn has his eyes on moving up in this rap game, or simply the game of life. He shows his worth throughout the verses. 

Burn explains what the song means to him in a press release. “‘Normal life is boring,’ says Burn. ‘I want to play my game.’ And play he does, with his music serving as an anthem for those who want to take control of their lives and live on their terms,” it said. He isn’t afraid of taking risks, and he has developed his unique style through his hard work. 

Lucas Burn has developed a fanbase from his previous work, having 1.03k subscribers on Youtube and over 2,400 monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of his top songs are “Soul Search”, “Nightmare”, and “Dark Path.”

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