Life Is A Dirty War /// The Lunar Keys

In life, it is virtually assured that you will endure some lumps along the way. It’s a natural fact that no one leaves this mortal coil unscathed. What’s important is how you react and adapt to the challenge. Alt-rock band The Lunar Keys prove themselves to be battle tested on their anthemic new single, “Life Is A Dirty War.” Profoundly ambitious in scope, this track is a rallying cry for not getting mired in the same old conflicts.

At the start, “Life Is A Dirty War” reels you in with a clean and clear type of spiritual awakening. For a few moments here and there, a solemn piano will create an inspirational atmosphere around the melody. However, these quieter, more contemplative interludes are broken up by surges of snarly guitar. While establishing an air of defiance, it punches back with a vengeance. 

Speaking of dissent, the powerful roar of “WAR” is heard loud and clear. It’s the exclamation point on a track that finds its strength in not falling prey to what’s dragged them down in the past. Rather than a call to arms, this song is all about dodging the proverbial slings and arrows that life will fling in your direction. With experience comes a stronger resolve. In turn, this track represents a seasoned veteran who’s won as well as lost, but fortified the defenses around their heart in the process.

Altogether, “Life Is A Dirty War” is one of the more expansive works to come from The Lunar Keys. Whether it is establishing an ethereal calm or abruptly shattering that same peace, it makes for one compelling composition. After this round, The Lunar Keys wins in a decisive fashion through being dynamic.

Written by Travis Boyer






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