“Wrong Turn (Radio Edit)” is a new single by AMONG THE MASSES. They are an alternative group from Sweden, and this dream pop and alternative rock track draws influences from legendary bands to create a new but familiar sound. The keyboards add melody and harmony, with the electronic drum adding a nostalgic sound to the mix. 

Among The Masses is made possible by: “David Liebe – vocals, Andrej Anderzon Möller – piano, keyboards, programming, backing vocals, Mats Gabriel-Burman – bass, Kent Alfredsson – lyrics.” Drawing influence from bands such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and The Cure, Among The Masses rocks out for four minutes and 39 seconds while offering thought provoking lyrics about regrets and our feelings when we make a mistake, or take a “Wrong Turn.”

“Wrong turn in the neighborhood, if I could rewind I would. I saw the signs but misunderstood, I’m breaking back like Robin Hood,” they sing during the chorus. There are vocal sections of the song with no words to echo across the track, while the guitar adds a mini solo. The bass and the keyboards are a highlight throughout the whole track, and the vocals fit the vibe and emotional side of the song. The verses expand further on the idea of making a mistake, and anticipating trouble in a situation before it happens. Yet the regretful position is still present, and it’s hard to deal with. “Like a deer in headlights,” Liebe sings. 

Among The Masses other top songs on Spotify are “Invincible”, “Living in The Future”, and “Utopia.”





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