Tangled /// Wild Horse

After a break-up, a small part of you might believe there’s a chance for reconciliation. Maybe you’re naive or overly optimistic, but it feels real enough that you hold onto the faintest of hopes, anyways. “Tangled,” the latest single by indie pop trio Wild Horse, is reeling, but not defeated after parting ways. As it turns out, it’s a smooth, indie bop about how hope can be put to work in a seemingly lost cause.

On the surface, “Tangled” is not looking to lay down roots in Heartbreakville. The hope is that they are only passing through on the way back home. However, they’re lost in this strange new neighborhood that resides in a relationship dead zone, complete with a total loss of communication. 

Melodically, “Tangled” opens up as a sleek, synthpop tune that transitions into a summery indie pop-rock anthem. It allows some illuminating peeks of sunshine to burn through the overarching overcast via a radiant source of minimal optimism. Altogether, it wants to cascade you in the light of finding confidence in even the smallest of ways.

Part of “Tangled” is about not wanting to extinguish the proverbial torch you’ve been carrying for someone. It’s because that flicker of flame still exists that they think there’s a chance to start over. Even if they won’t return their calls, their compassion for them still burns bright within.

On the whole, “Tangled” is more like a separation song than a traditional break-up song. They may no longer be together in the same place, but it’s about one person’s resolve to get back to where they were before. That may all prove to be futile, but this splendid, synthpop rock jam by Wild Horse will surely win over much more than a few hearts.

Written by Travis Boyer






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